Love Rocks Board Build Instructions

Step One:

Download the 3-D print file for the rocking base of the board. You may request one by email, or by filling out the form to the right.

Print two copies of the base. Because the part will need decent compressive strength, I've only tested high infill prints (60% or higher, and 2 shells), so I can't recommend anything lower.

Why am I requesting your email address? I want the whole Explode the Controller Project to be available for everyone, but I also want to connect with other STEAM educators and build my professional network. No spam or sharing your info, I promise!


Request 3-D Print Files


Step Two:

Once the prints are finished, check to make sure the top edges (with the screw holes) are flat. If they have curled, hit them with a heat gun or hair dryer and bend the plastic into place.

Step Three:

Mix up some cement mortar- I used this stuff, but most any cement product that pours easily should work. Fill each of the bases level to the top with the cement mortar, making sure to press it into all the crevices with a thin stick as you go. Scrape any excess cement off to keep it flush with the top of the printed base. Allow 36 hours to cure.

Step Four:

Cut a 20" x 20" square of 0.5" thick plywood. Attach the each filled, printed bases along the center line using 8, 0.5" flat head, wood screws. Be careful not to over-tighten the screws (you don't want to crack the plastic or punch through the plywood).

Attach a Micro:Bit to the board, and start rocking!

Follow these links for setting up the Micro:Bit with Scratch 2.0 and Scratch 3.0

Links to my projects coming soon.

Additional Info:

Links to my Scratch projects for tilting controllers coming soon.

The text on these boards is based on a quotation from Mel King, who reminds us that, "love is the question and the answer."